5 Steps to Positive Focus

Here are the 5 Steps to Positive Focus I’ve always found very valuable to follow:


1. Eliminate negativityRemember your mind does not process negatives. So let go of self- talk that doesn’t serve you, like “It’ll take a long time to grow my business!” or “What if I don’t have what it really takes to serve my client?”

The “What-if’s” you say to yourself are holding you back. Instead focus on the “Why” you are building your business.

Have gratitude for each client, each connection and each learning you gain when building your business. One day, these experiences will pay themselves forward in an abundance of ways you may not see right now.

And remember, when you are communicating with other people, your unconscious mind thinks you are communicating with you! Always “Say It the Way You Want It!” and speak positively and with positive intention!

2. Get Clear On Your Dreams Create a Vision Board or a Dream Book that you see everyday. Collect photos of dream homes, holidays, and experiences that you want to have in your life in the next 1-3 years. Make sure you have loved ones in the middle of the picture. Add positive affirmations and words that inspire you!

3. Surround yourself ONLY with supportive people The quality of your life, your health and your happiness is a direct reflection of the quality of the people in your life. Make sure you surround yourself with friends, colleagues and partners who support you 100%.

4. Decide, believe, and trust the random Yes, this is the Law of Attraction in action. It’s also Quantum Physics. Your decisiveness, follow-through and open mind to the experiences, the people and the opportunities that come your way there to assist your growth and develop the muscles you need to hold up and hold onto your dreams.

5. Take MASSIVE ACTION on opportunities when they appear Action involves risk. It may even be uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Just know that without action there is no growth. Embrace the unknown and keep moving forward with persistence and determination every day, every moment to achieve your dreams.

To your success!

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