Are you working with the Right Clients?

How can you make sure you’re working with the right clients?

If change is not happening…

Sometimes, instead of having a great coaching experience, it can be frustrating and slow to get started with a new client simply because they were not in the right place to begin with: you as the coach are ready to go full steam ahead while your client hasn’t even shown up at the starting line yet. 🙂

So how do you make sure your clients are ready to work when you get started?

Ask Initial Questions and Focus your Clients

When the prospective client contacts you make sure to ask the following questions – that way you ascertain where they are at and make sure that they are focused, or are at least starting to get focused on a specific coaching outcome.

  • What are you looking to get from coaching with me?
  • What have you done about your problem/challenge and what results did you get?
  • What are you prepared to do to overcome this problem/challenge?
  • What is happening that would cause you to change or take action right now?
  • What is your desired outcome for coaching?
  • How specifically will you know when you have achieved this outcome?

Members of the Instant Insight Coaching System for Business can download a detailed Initial Client Assessment Question template and an extensive Business Needs Assessment in their Membership Area.

Members of the Instant Insight Coaching Systems for Relationships and Sports can download a worksheet helping them get theirIdeal Clients in their Membership Areas.

By focusing your clients early on their expected coaching outcomes you help them get great results quickly, which leads to excellent testimonials and more clients!


To your success!

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