Best Year Ever!

Happy New Year! Did you want to make 2011 the best year you have ever had? Then I hope you attended my 2011 Best Year Ever webinar at the end of last year, or you have watched the recording of it, and if you didn’t, what are you waiting for? 🙂

So now we’re a couple of weeks into 2011 and what actions have you taken? The momentum you’re building right now will determine how the rest of your year will go: are you shooting out of the gate like greased lightning or are you taking your time and hoping to catch up later from behind? You know how the latter will turn out, don’t you!?

Have you written down what you want to have this year? Remember to always start with the end in mind!

What’s your new identity for 2011, who are you going to be? What actions will your new ‘you’ take to get what you want to have and experience?

What have you already started to do and what have you stopped doing? What will you keep doing to get what you want to have in your life?

What is your focus for the first 90 days of 2011? What are your health, relationship and financial goals and most importantly what will be the reward you’ll enjoy each quarter? What toys will you get, what activities will you enjoy in and what trips will you go on?

Share your plans for 2011 in the Comments section and I’ll send you a little something as a reward! 🙂

All the best for 2011 and the achievement of everything you want!

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