Books (and Pages) are judged by their Cover

Recently an IICS member asked other Instant Insighters for feedback on a landing page and the following pointers regarding presentation and layout were found to be helpful (the same applies to other web pages and emails as well I think):


  • Keep it simple: short clear sentences which can be easily understood, even when only skimming a text. Avoid rambling and flowery prose, even if it pleases the author in you! 🙂 Alice keeps reminding me that a 12 year old needs to be able to understand it and even though I find that a bit extreme (must be the author in me 🙂 ) it certainly points in the right direction!
  • Say the most important things in the first and last paragraphs – these are most likely to be read even by a casual visitor.
  • Make sure your spelling, grammar and punctuation are pristine – it shows you’re professional and pay attention to detail. Get someone else to proof read your work because our brains are not always helping us see our own mistakes (this reminds me of the book “Heretics” for which I wrote a review last week: it explains very well what our blind spots are and why we have them).
  • By all means use colour for emphasis and to structure the layout of the page and keep in mind that everything you do has to make your message more easily accessible (avoid using too many different colours for example). Choose your colours with your target audience in mind: Light blue fonts on a page aimed at businesses?? Pink background to advertise sports coaching!?
  • We are used to reading from left to right and the most important content of your page should be as accessible as possible, so you probably want to show headlines and text on the left hand-side of the page and sidebars on the right, not the other way around.

Please share what else you think is important, besides the actual content of course!

All the best!

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