Cassandra Kent

Certified Instant Insight Communication Systems™ for Sex Coach Cassandra Kent is the founder of Unleash Your Potential Personal Performance Coaching offering elite coaching in Personal Performance for couples, singles, parents and teens.

Cassandra Kent
Specializing in empowering women, men and couples with sexual enhancement information, communication through education and sex coaching to embrace and love themselves sensually and sexually. Cassandra assists couples & singles around world to re-ignite their passion, desire, and achieve greater sexual fulfillment, intimacy and personal happiness.

Becoming a certified Instant Insight Communication System™ for Sex Coach has taken Cassandra’s coaching skills to a universal level. She is also a certified:

  • Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Practitioner of Deep State Re-Patterning™
  • Coaching Young People for Success (CYPS) Youth Coach & Trainer
  • E-DISC Behavioral Profiler Consultant
  • Life Coach
  • Ongoing education in 2013 to become a Master NLP Practitioner and NLP Trainer

Cassandra offers Personal Performance & Sex coaching in person, by phone, couples’ weekend intensives & workshops. Sessions support couples and singles in developing regular practices to enhance their experience of their body, intimacy, communication, sensation and sex.

Did you know Sex Coaching can improve your performance in the work place too?

Cassandra was born 1963, she has been described as vivacious, warm and insightful. Having lived a colourful life, and experience life’s trials Cassandra will be able to empathise with you having most likely been in similar situations and give you the benefit of her experiences and insights. She does what ordinary people don’t, has a quirky sense of humour and has had 3 husbands (not all at once)!

Fun & laughter are shared whilst tackling the issues you need coaching on, while abiding by the utmost professional of standards and IICS code of conduct.

Coaching and workshops are available in Melbourne, Sydney & Cairns.

To contact Cassandra please send her an email on, message her on her Facebook page or go to the website of Unleash Your Potential.