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Certified Instant Insight Communication Systems™ for Business Coach Greg Smedts and his team at Positive Revolution Training and Development focus on leadership and communication development.


The main focus for Greg Smedts and the team from Positive Revolution Training and Development is leadership and communication development. We start at the top, bringing a culture of high performance and sensational results. Everything begins with leadership development. We are specialists in developing people, to create permanent and lasting change. From small sole trader businesses to multi-million dollar operations, working throughout Australia, we are certain that you will achieve the best results.

People are every business’ greatest asset and also their greatest expense. We ensure when you engage our services, we get straight to work with the leaders and managers, to begin dynamically enhancing their mindsets through profiling, education, mindset development and training.

If you are in business to get results, don’t sit on the sideline when you can be leading the game! Winners in all aspects of life are those who set outcomes and take constant action. They consistently evaluate and develop strategic plans with the resources available, in order to maximise outcomes.

We assist you to innovate and create strategic plans, and we hold you accountable for the results you want to achieve. We believe in the holistic approach, because the system is only great when all parts work in harmony. Now is the time to engage a new and exciting strategy for creating tremendous growth and outstanding results!

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