Peta Wilkinson

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Certified Instant Insight Communication Systems™ for Business Coach Peta Wilkinson helps professionals “be their best selves and get paid for it”.

Peta WilkinsonAs the Principal Consultant of Better is Best, a career and leadership consultancy, Peta develops resilient, engaged and productive professionals, across the professional and technical services sectors.

Better is Best delivers seminars, workshops and keynotes in Australia and New Zealand and provide one-on-one coaching globally via Skype.

To get the absolute best from and for their clients, Better is Best uses step-by-step tools, techniques and tailoring, along with a healthy dose of humour, to encourage and install rapid learning. The Instant Insight Communication Systems help them pinpoint and do just that.

Personally, Peta has over 13 years experience leading strategies across programs, processes, products and people. She has piloted four career changes, across three countries and held a range of senior leadership roles for global companies.

Peta has a slew of certifications including Certified IICS for Business Coach, NLP Practitioner, Cert IV in Training and Assessment, Project Management and even a Law degree!

To contact Peta please send her an email on, connect with her on LinkedIn or go to the website of Better is Best.