Scott Brelsford

Your Hidden Potential
Certified Instant Insight Communication System™ for Business Coach Scott Brelsford is the owner and founder of Your Hidden Potential which opened its doors in January 2011, is based in the West Gippsland region of Victoria and provides business coaching for small to medium sized businesses in the Gippsland area. Your Hidden Potential also provides Personal and Management Career coaching to individual clients worldwide, available by phone, via Skype or via FaceTime.
Scott Brelsford - Your Hidden PotentialScott is a certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming [NLP], a certified Practitioner of Deep State Re-Patterning TM, a certified Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching and is a member of the Australian Board of Neuro Linguistic programming [ABNLP] and the International Coach Federation [ICF].

At Your Hidden Potential, Scott uses the Instant Insight Communication System for Business to unlock within minutes an accurate and comprehensive communication, motivation and behavioral profile for each of the employees within a company or business which together with Scott’s coaching skills and leadership abilities launches his clients businesses to new and higher levels of success.

Your Hidden Potential strives for effective communication, motivation and performance, with an emphasis on creating outstanding relationships within businesses, where individuals thrive, leaders excel and the business goes from strength to strength. Your Hidden Potential believe that a business’s most precious resource are the people within it and by unlocking their hidden potential a place of excellence is created, a place where magic happens and customers become the number one greatest fans.

To contact Scott please send him an email on, message him on his Facebook page or go to the website of Your Hidden Potential.