Donna Benstead

Certified Instant Insight Communication Systems™ for Business and Relationships Coach Donna Benstead is the CEO and founder of The Lighthouse Strategies, who is passionate and loves bringing systematic methodologies to businesses with individual attention to detail. With over 30 years of ICT and Construction Project Administration and coordination experience in enterprise infrastructure management, with portfolio and programme management, Donna brings a solid aptitude and attitude of accomplishment.

2013-143-17r_1Purpose built programmes for Leadership Development, Time Management, Action Plans and Mentoring. Exploring the challenges of business is a passion as well as enjoying the continual changes of the corporate world. Success and prosperity with integrity affords accomplishment and rewards. Taking executives and businesses to the next level. Relationships may become strained from time to time whether personal or business and to have a complete professional who appreciates the challenges and can offer a specialised field of knowledge will bring congruency and satisfaction. Change is the most predictable feature of the present and our futures. Future success will come to those organisations that embrace this challenge and remain flexible enough to continually improve and transform themselves.

In addition to that, Donna will help you with:

  • Leadership
  • Action Plan
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Time Management
  • Recruitment

And most of all, she loves what she does, which sets her apart from others, highly motivated and focused on the outcome. She has demonstrated experience with finance, construction and IT environments in both public and private sectors.

In undertaking Team Development work she takes people on a journey of personal understanding, develop an appreciation for systems thinking, diversity, and the excitement that comes from being part of a highly effective team.

Business Progression Purpose consultative built workshops including:

  • Integrity for the workplace
  • Networking
  • Dream to reality
  • Methodologies, Procedures and Processes
  • Time management and Risk Management
  • Subject Matter Expertise
  • Staff Leadership and development
  • Vendor and Customer relationship management
  • Communications – all areas

Be brave and consider the possibilities with one call. Donna can be contacted on 0408 459 880, email her at or visit The Lighthouse Strategies to see the possibilities for your life and business.