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How do you hire people who fit your company’s culture, and why should you care?

Here’s a good article from Josh Patrick, a business coach who works with private business owners on creating personal and business value.

These are our take aways:

Being a good place to work has real business benefits: low recruitment costs, more successful employees and higher retention because the HR department does not have to look for people but instead can focus on selecting people who are a good fit for the company.

How does a well-defined corporate culture ensure that the right people are hired and that your or your client’s business is a great place to work?

  • Understanding your corporate culture helps you decide who is a good fit for your company.
  • Culture always starts with the owner. A well-defined culture influences all hiring decisions.
  • Employees should share the same basic beliefs about what’s important in a company.
  • This belief system (the corporate culture) is created by the owner/leader, has to be communicated and implemented by HR and lived by everyone working in the company.
  • Technical skills can be taught – belief systems are not as easily changed.

To attract people who share your beliefs and are a good fit for your corporate culture it is important to have a system:

  • Have a list of traits every employee has to possess to be successful in your company and the role you are considering them for, e.g. self-starters, team players, highly developed people skills, personally responsible.
  • Ask good questions, i.e. open ended, and let the candidate do the talking.
  • Get candidates to tell you how they live the traits you are looking for by asking indirect questions, for example “Tell me about a problem and how you solved it”. Listening to the answers and what’s between the lines will tell you how they approach challenging situations, e.g. do they take responsibility or are they laying blame, are they independently seeking solutions or are they asking others?
  • Candidates should be interviewed by different people at different levels of a company, and they have to be taught listening skills so they can do this effectively.

Can you see how the IICS profiles help a coach and the people doing interviews get a good picture of a candidate’s traits and ensure that a candidate is a good fit for a company’s culture and the job role?

What else can we learn from this article? What useful information have YOU learnt from the news this week?

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