Good News of the Week – “Nasty Gal”

Nasty Gal

What can we learn from a clothing company which was started in a cottage by a college drop-out and is one of the fastest growing retailers in the US right now?

  • Shared her passion with her customers. (Of course… 🙂 )
  • Constant conversation with customers creates a loyal following.
  • Used existing platforms (for example eBay) first even if they’re not perfect.
  • Challenged Facebook fans to come up with the best titles for products and gave gift cards to the winners.
  • Garnered 60,000 “friends” by reaching out to fans of other brands who might appreciate their style.
  • Used models who were approachable and “looked like nice people, not dead people”. (That one’s my favourite! 🙂 )

To read the article in the New York Times click here.

What else can we learn from this? What useful information have YOU learnt from the news this week?

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