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How to download the files:

This site has been tested with the following browsers: Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari

For best ease of use we recommend Mozilla Firefox for downloading the files from your Membership pages.

To download the files please place the cursor on the download button and right-click your mouse, then click on Save Link As… or Download Linked File As… in the small pop-up window that appears.

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer please place the cursor on the description to the right of the button, right-click your mouse and click on Save Target As… in the pop-up window.

If for any reason it is not possible for you to access the files please send us an email with your address and we’ll get a CD with all the files to you promptly.

How to download files using Microsoft Internet Explorer:

It appears that Microsoft Internet Explorer does not readily support the download of files which have been created with versions of Microsoft Office more recent than Microsoft Office 2003 (go figure :) , Mozilla Firefox works just fine!).

For this reason we create our files in the Microsoft Office 2003 format whenever possible, though occasionally we have to stick with the latest version (Microsoft Office 2010) because of the additional functionality it provides, mostly in Microsoft PowerPoint slides.

When downloading for example Microsoft PowerPoint slides Internet Explorer changes the file extension .pptx, which identifies it as a Microsoft Office 2010 PowerPoint file, to .zip, which is a compression format entirely out of place in this context and which prevents you from opening the slides on your computer. The same happens with Word and Excel documents with their file extensions .docx and .xlsx respectively.

To get around this please replace the .zip extension in the download pop-up window with .pptx, and if you your computer is set not to display file extensions (and you can’t see the .zip) simply add it at the end of the file name. Please click here for a screenshot showing how to change .zip to .pptx, and here for a screenshot of how to add the .pptx when no .zip is shown.

If all this doesn’t make sense (and I’m sure it doesn’t to Bill Gates either) please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you.

The formats the files are provided in are:

To play the video files you need the Windows Media Player and to open the documents you require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

You can download both for free: the Microsoft Windows Media Player is available here and Adobe Acrobat Reader here.

To edit the PowerPoint slides you require Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or higher which can be purchased from Microsoft. To view the files you can download the Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 Viewer here for free.

Please note that we do not have any control over the contents provided on the Microsoft and Adobe sites nor can we guarantee the proper functioning of these programs.

The Certification Exam:

For the Certification Exam to work cookies need to be enabled in your browser so the system can keep track of where you are at in the test in case you save it and come back to finish it later.

Please click here to see how to enable cookies in different browsers.

Please contact us:

Please contact us if you have any challenges opening the files or if you would like them provided in a different format and with any other questions you may have. We’re here to help you!