The Instant Insight Communication System™ for Business

Become Certified in Instant Insight Communication Systems™ and get the confidence of always having the best systems and resources when coaching your clients.

The Instant Insight Communication System™ for Business provides Executive and Business Coaches a Communication and Behavioral Profile for individuals and teams and a Step-by-Step Coaching System to improve communication and performance within any business or company.

Value Included
Total Value: $30,400
Get the Instant Insight Communication System for Business Now $2,995
In Full

Pay for the Instant Insight Communication System for Business in 3 Easy Installments $998.33
Per Mth

Instant Insight Communication Systems™ Online Certification

  • Get the certainty of getting results with your clients and brand yourself as a Certified Instant Insight Communication Systems™ Coach.
$5,000 Yes

6 x IICS Training Webinars

  • Learn how to get the best value from IICS for yourself and your clients and get ready for the IICS Certification Exam.
    1. How to Sell and Market Yourself as a Business Coach using the IICS for Business
    2. How to Elicit & Deliver the IICS Profile
    3. “Bringing the Team Together” – Leadership Workshop
    4. “Effective Internal & External Communication” – Team Workshop
    5. “How to Hire & Promote the Right People” – HR Workshop
    6. “Effective Time Management and Increase Productivity” – Team Workshop
$6,000 Yes

Online IICS Behavioural Profile & Style Sheets

  • Elicit the IICS questionnaire online, create style sheets automatically and email or print them straight away.
  • Unlimited use for 12 mths from sign up.
$3,500 Yes

IICS Behavioural Profile Questionnaire Templates

  • Discover Individual Communication, Motivation and Behavioural Styles and use the best coaching approach.
$1,500 Yes

Complete IICS Manual with Guidebook and Templates

  • Step-by-step system on how to use the Instant Insight Communication Systems™ and coach your niche.
$1,500 Yes

6 x Coaching Session Templates with Training Webinar

  • Ready-to-use step-by-step coaching sessions for you and your client, complete with training webinar showing how to use them.
$3,000 Yes

Bonus #1: Complete Recordings of all IICS Certification Training Webinars

$2,000 Yes

Bonus #2: MP3 Audio files of all Training Webinars

$1,000 Yes

Bonus #3: Transcripts of all IICS Training Webinars

$1,000 Yes

Bonus #4: Complete PowerPoints to run your own workshops

  1. “Bringing the Team Together”
  2. “How to Hire & Promote the Right People”
  3. “Effective Time Management”
$2,000 Yes

Bonus #5: Training Webinar Series “How to Sell Your Services using IICS”

$3,000 Yes

Bonus #6: Feature your coaching business on the IICS Website

$400 Yes

Bonus #7: Dedicated Support Team – email in service for all members

$500 Yes

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