The Instant Insight Coaching System for SEX

Become Certified in Instant Insight Communication Systems™ and get the confidence of always having the best systems and resources when coaching your clients.

As one of Australia’s top Relationship Coaches, I am excited to share with you my Instant Insight Communication Systems™. You’ll learn the secrets of keeping passion and sexual desire alive and how to coach couples and individuals to improve their sex lives.

Here’s what I’ve put together for you:

Value Included
Total Value:   $34,400  
Get Instant Insight Coaching System for Sex Now $2,995
In Full

Get the Instant Insight Coaching System for Sex in 3 Installments $998.33
Per Mth

Instant Insight Communication Systems™ Online Certification

  • Get the certainty of getting results with your clients and brand yourself as a Certified Instant Insight Communication Systems™ Coach.
$5,000 Yes

10 x IICS Training Webinars

  • Learn how to get the best value from IICS for yourself and your clients and get ready for the IICS Certification Exam.
    1. Sex Coaching Introduction – Marketing/Selling
    2. The Initial Couple Needs Assessment and the IICS for Sex Profile
    3. What’s Going on Down There
    4. The Art of Seduction
    5. Hot Communication
    6. It’s All about Her
    7. It’s All about Him
    8. Sex Toys and Games
    9. Sexual Dysfunction and Sexual Libido
    10. You Want to Try WHAT!?
$10,000 Yes

Online IICS Behavioural Profile & Style Sheets

  • Elicit the IICS questionnaire online, create style sheets automatically and email or print them straight away.
  • Unlimited use for 12 mths from sign up.
$3,500 Yes

IICS Behavioural Profile Questionnaire Templates

  • Discover Individual Communication, Motivation and Behavioural Styles and use the best coaching approach.
$1,500 Yes

Complete IICS Manual with Guidebook and Templates

  • Step-by-step system on how to use the Instant Insight Communication Systems™ and coach your niche.
$1,500 Yes

6 x Coaching Session Templates with Training Webinar

  • Ready-to-use step-by-step coaching sessions for you and your client, complete with training webinar showing how to use them.
$3,000 Yes

Bonus #1: Complete Recordings of all IICS Certification Training Webinars

$2,000 Yes

Bonus #2: MP3 Audio files of all Training Webinars

$1,000 Yes

Bonus #3: Transcripts of all IICS Training Webinars

$1,000 Yes

Bonus #4: Complete PowerPoints to run your own workshops

  1. “Workshop for Women”
  2. “Workshop for Men”
  3. “Couples Workshop”
$2,000 Yes

Bonus #5: Training Webinar Series “How to Sell Your Services using IICS”

$3,000 Yes

Bonus #6: Feature your coaching business on the IICS Website

$400 Yes

Bonus #7: Dedicated Support Team – email in service for all members

$500 Yes

All payments are processed through PayPal and you can simply pay with a credit card, no PayPal membership is required. After completion of the transaction a receipt can be printed and an email confirmation will be sent to you.

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