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Testimonials from Coaches using the Instant Insight Communication System for Business:

Kevin Larkins, CEO, Leading Australia:

I am so glad that I have been trained in and now have access to the Instant Insight Communication System for Business because I have been able to use this great tool to great effect in my work with organisations and their Senior Executives. For me there are two significant factors at play here, one the fact that I have a system at my finger tips that accesses all that I have learnt in NLP Master Prac and which I can usefully apply in the organisational setting and two that the system makes sense to the client and provides great teaching and learning opportunities in the coaching space. “it all makes sense, really helpful!” someone said to me at the end of a session recently.  The other great advantage of the system is that you can package it up into training for groups in a very structured and resourceful way.  In all, a great tool that I find invaluable in the organisational setting.

Linda Miller:

I have built an entire business utilizing Instant Insight Communication System for Business. It is simple to use and provides a wealth of information and, most importantly the basis for what to coach clients on and how. I strongly recommend you use the Instant InsightCommunication System for Business not only for the quality of the tool itself (which is immense) but the support you receive in learning how to implement it and  teach your clients more about themselves and each other through the structured programs. This is truly ‘the whole package.

I hesitated to set up in business for myself for a long time simply because I had not found an effective system for identifying clients’ needs and helping me to develop a clear program and workshops around those specified needs. As an organizational psychologist and coach with over 17 years experience I had seen many many products but none that come close to the quality of the Instant Insight Communication System for Business. It was not until I met Alice and learned about her fantastic system that I had the confidence to begin my Executive Coaching firm, Strategic Inspiration. This was due not only to Instant Insight itself- a remarkably accurate and valuable tool-  but also the caring and detailed support that Alice herself provides, which is second to none. Training webinars, templates and presentations all done for you, meant I could concentrate on delivering amazing value to my clients; identifying their motivators, communication skills and work styles and coaching and training staff on how to take these to another level or indeed fix problems, when that was needed.

Great stuff Alice! Thank you so much for giving me a powerful vehicle and a platform on which to build my business.

Jacqueline Lane:

I already have a business colleague who wants me to work with him and his team of four with the Instant Insight Communication System for Business.  He has a rather thorough Optometry business and his team of four will be a perfect starting place for me, me thinks!

Thank you so much for making this available to us!.  For those of us new (and I’m sure, old) to the business of coaching and more particularly, executive coaching, your product is simply perfect.