from Relationship & Sex Coaches

Testimonials from Coaches using the Instant Insight Communication Systems for Relationships and Sex:

Carolyn Rowland:

I wanted to personally thank you  for the Instant Insight Communication System for Relationships. It is really wonderful and has changed the lives of 2 couples I have been working with already (not to mention how my fabulous marriage has become super fabulous!!). The program is so easy to use and your webinars are amazing. Look out later in the year for another amazing Relationship Coach! I will be using your workshops with the Image Workshops I have developed. It is a perfect accessory for Trend where we look after everyone inside out and outside in.

Rebecca Hawkins, Your Life Styled:

Hi Alice, Thank you for sending me through the link so I can get started in listening to the webinars now! I just listened to the first one, and I have to say – I’m absolutely blown away! I am soooo excited to get stuck into the rest of the program so I can learn and implement so much more for my clients!! I’ve already begun the workshop process of sorts, and now you have given me the clarity on how I move forward and make the transition from speaker to their coach! Thanks a lot Alice! I’m excited!!

Angie Warrener:

Thank you for creating the the Instant Insight Communication System for Relationships. It’s FABULOUS…..and has given me the confidence to work with couples on a whole new level. The content is clearly written and easy to use.  An awesome toolkit to any business…..a must have for people working with couples. Your generosity and authenticity is much appreciated. I wish you all the best.

Yvonne Ralph:

Firstly I wanted to say how much I am enjoying your IICS for Relationships webinars, they are fabulous and I am now feeling that this program is so worth my investment as all those ideas and information that I have floating around in my head around relationship coaching are coming together and finding their own place within a comprehensive system that I can use with all my clients so thank you very, very much.