from Sports & Team Coaches

Testimonials from Coaches using the Instant Insight Communication Systems for Sports:

Julien Prosser, 13 time Australian National Beach Volleyball Champion, 3 time Olympian:

The most powerful tool athletes have at their disposal is their mind. I have had an extremely positive experience with this coaching system and can’t wait for the journey to continue. Alice is our secret weapon!

Peter Gaffney:

I just wanted to share with you that today I did my first ever IICS Sports Questionnaire with a reigning world champion (Jess Douglas, World Champion 24 hours Solo Mountain Biking). It was an incredible exercise and I got so much out of just doing the questionnaire! Lots of cool stuff to teach Jess and I have to say I am surprised at how much I can already see that I can teach her without even referring to the rest of the program. It would not have been possible without your amazing training and products (because there is scope to use the Business and Relationships packages as well as Jess is looking for success in all facets of her life), so thank you! I’m off the a flying start with someone who can sneeze on a national and international level!