50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Persuasive, written by Noah Goldstein, Steve Martin (not the comedian!) and Robert Cialdini, is an excellent overview of the science of persuasion and how it’s used in marketing to persuade potential customers to commit and become buyers.

Well written and an easy read (many smallish chapters) it covers topics such as how inconveniencing your audience can increase your persuasiveness and when offering people more makes them want less (the latter particularly interesting for anyone creating their own products).

The book strongly builds on Cialdini’s six universal principles of social influence:

  • Reciprocation – we feel obliged to return favours performed for us
  • Authority – people look to experts to show them the way
  • Commitment/consistency – we want to act consistently with our commitments, i.e. what we decided earlier, and values
  • Scarcity – the less something is available the more we want it
  • Liking – the more we like people the more we want to say yes to them
  • Social proof – we look to what others do to guide our behaviour

The authors explain these principles and cover several additional persuasion techniques based on other psychological factors, always illuminating their inner workings with descriptions of the often entertaining behavioural experiments carried out to prove each point.

Load up your persuasion tool box while having an enjoyable read. You can get the book on Amazon and it’s even available in the Australian Kindle store.

Let me know how you have used any of the described techniques or when you have been on the receiving end of one and how it influenced your behaviour one way or another.

All the best!


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